Keychron Double Shot PBT LSA Full Keycap Set – Black


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The Keychron Low-Profile PBT Keycap Set lets you reimagine and redesign your favourite Keychron keyboards. Compatible with low-profile Gateron MX mechanical switches and low-profile Keychron optical switches, this low-profile full-set keycap set features double-shot legends for added durability and an instant aesthetic upgrade to your setup. The PBT material keycaps also provide excellent oil resistance, enhance the type feel, and prevent the legends from fading out. This low-profile keycap set has all the keycaps you need for the Keychron low-profile keyboards ANSI layout K1, K1 SE, K3, K5, K5 SE, and K7. They are easy to install and swap out if needed.


  • Complete Keycap Set
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Premium PBT Materials for durability
  • Gateron low-profile compatible switches
  • Keychron optical compatible switches
  • Designed for Keychron Keyboards


  • Material: Double-Shot PBT
  • Legend: Backlight does not shine through
  • Stem: MX style
  • Compatible Keychron Keyboards: K1 Version 5, K1 SE, K3, K5, K5 SE, K7
  • Compatible Layouts: ANSI Layout
  • Colour: Black


  • Keychron PBT-06 Low-Profile Keycap Set – Black x1

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