REDRAGON Mechanical Switch HP2 Panda 38pc Set


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The Redragon A113 HP2 Series of mechanical switches allows you to customise your typing experience to your liking. Made with precision and attention to detail, this remarkable switch is designed to elevate. The ultimate choice for DIY keyboard makers seeking an unparalleled typing experience. Designed with lightning-fast actuation, this switch is a game-changer and allows you to customize your typing experience.

Get precise positioning and lightning-fast feedback with our cutting-edge 3-Pin switch. Thanks to its optimized switch structure, dual-section trigger design, and longer/2-stage spring, you can expect nothing less than exceptional performance. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and delays, and say hello to a switch that delivers unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. Our package includes both a top-notch keycap puller and a switch puller. Now, effortlessly swap switches and transform your keyboard into a personalized masterpiece.


  • 38 Tactile Mechanical Switches
  • Hot-swappable
  • MX Mechanical Switch Design
  • 100 Million Click Durability
  • Pre-lubed
  • Fast Trigger and Quick Response


  • Type: Tactile
  • Actuation Strength: 60±10gf
  • Total travel: 3.3mm
  • Actuation Distance: 2.3±0.5mm
  • Durability: 100 million
  • Dustproof Level: IP56
  • Switch Colour: Crystal Panda


  • Redragon A113 HP2 Panda Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Chrystal Panda x38
  • Switch Puller x1
  • Keycap Puller x1

Please note: The keyboard displayed in the images is for illustrative purposes only. This product only comes with the keycap set.

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