Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G9 Plus/G10 Plus Filter Kit


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Extend the life of your Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G10+ or G9+ with the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G10+/G9+ Filter Pack. It features 2x filters made out of highly densified materials, which allow for securing clean air during vacuuming. The pre-HEPA filter works as the first barrier to stop big particles, it also helps to lengthen the lifetime of the HEPA filter. Pre-HEPA filters are recommended to be changed every 9 months.

Easy to install, the HEPA filter can be re-installed before it is completely dry or worn out. For better suction effects, HEPA filters are recommended to be changed every 18 months. Every pack contains two pieces of pre-HEPA Filters and one piece of HEPA filter. They are both easy to use and are washable, making them also easier to clean.


  • H12 filtering performance
  • High-density material
  • Washable
  • G10+/G9+ Vacuum Cleaner Compatible
  • Budget-friendly



  • Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10+/G9+ Filter x1

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Dimensions 9.6 × 9.6 × 9.4 cm